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 Back-up plans.

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Back-up plans. Empty
PostSubject: Back-up plans.   Back-up plans. EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 10:29 am

Ok as a clan we should lay down some back up plans, in case plans go a stray.

For instance: If you get jailed. If you do- the best way to notify use, sence you cannot pm at all, is change your name to a message that you go jailed. (we do this already though)

If one of the guilds get deleted: If this happends, life would offically suck. Most importently we must stick together. We would always have the other clan to fall back to and this site for the communication. Then either Toast or me will try to get the deleted clan back up and put back to normal like as soon as possible. (any better ideas ill change this)

If an "admin" shows up during the tower glitch(we still call it proofing), then we should stick to the same story every time. Perhaps it was a noob we recuited that did it and we got rid of him as soon as we found out. If they believe us, like they should, the worse thing that could happen is getting removed from the tower.

If an "admin" watches us(probably me) do the glitch, then theres not a lot I can do at this point. if all else fails ill just take full responsibility and i might get banned. (THIS WOULD BE REALLY RARE FOR THIS TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN) plus we are gonna be on the guard for admins around towers just in case and the glitch will not be over used.

If a member gets removed from the clan just talk to me or Toast, its really simple. lol
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Back-up plans.
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